Cool Spring Community, located on Highway 64, was named because of a spring that was several degrees cooler than other springs close by. In 1908 the first church was organized with T.E. Wagg as minister. Cool Spring Academy was used for a meeting place while the church was completed.

The logs for the first church were donated by Mrs. Jackson Page. These were hauled to a saw mill and then taken to Statesville where they were dressed for wainscoting for the church. After completion in 1911, the first minister in the new church was Rev. J.J. Edwards, who made the lectern that is still used today. A big iron bell was placed in the steeple of the church and every Sunday morning it would ring to let people know it was church time. It could be heard for miles around. The bell is now in front of the church.

The fires for the stoves were built by Mr. Dick Guffey and others, would walk quite a distance to reach the church each Sunday. Sunday school rooms were later built with electric lights. A fellowship hall was build behind the old church for more classroom space.

The new church was started in 1969 and completed in 1970. It is located on Highway 64 where the old parsonage was. It took a lot of hard work and sacrifice to achieve such a beautiful church in such a short time.